Darjeeling Attractions ,Tourist Places & Sightseeing in darjeeling

You imagined that Darjeeling must be a little slope town and what would you be able to see there other than Kanchenjunga crests and some grand perspectives? Beyond any doubt Darjeeling town is little, however you might be stunned to know what number of incredible spots you can access from here that are inside short separations. What’s more, on the off chance that you want to go down the winding mountain streets, you can achieve some prizes that are unmatched anyplace on the planet.

Over the past numerous years of our family relaxes, we have revealed all such extraordinary Darjeeling attractions. Keep in mind, while Darjeeling town is little, the area of Darjeeling ranges over more than 3,000 square kilometers (or around 1,200 square miles). So it’s truly up to you how far might you want to go to reveal a fortune. We don’t keep any points of confinement until it’s an ideal opportunity to be back.

In the segments underneath, I have depicted the top Darjeeling spots or sightseeing in darjeeling and attractions including the parks and gardens, picturesque spots and view focuses, waterfalls, sanctuaries and religious communities, exhibition halls and memorable places, and parcel more. In any case, you should take Sightseeing Tours to experience all that unless you have your own vehicle. Few of these vacationer spots are obviously inside simple strolling separation from the town focus.

In the event that you are wanting to visit some of them by walking, recall two or three things. Initial a separation in the slopes will feel like very nearly three times of a comparable separation in the fields as you walk tough. What’s more, a large portion of the streets in Darjeeling have steep inclination or slant. So unless you are accustomed to strolling in the slopes, it may not be as simple as you may think. Second, there are some tourist places in Darjeeling that must be come to by walking. A vehicle can just go up to a point past which you should walk. So when all is said in done, a touring day in Darjeeling ought to begin early.

As you experience the Darjeeling vacation destinations underneath and visit the connections for points of interest, you will get the separation of the spots and time it ought to take to reach from the town focus. Give me a chance to begin with our top most loved sights and vacationer places in Darjeeling. And after that I’ll discuss the ones which too come near the best.

Main 10 Tourist Places in Darjeeling – Our Favorites

Here are the top spots to find in Darjeeling. On the off chance that you are going by Darjeeling for a short excursion, then you ought to focus to visit some of these spots recorded in this segment.

(1) Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) and the stunning Darjeeling Zoo


HMI is a destination independent from anyone else and a said to be a journey for all climbing aficionados of the world. It was built up out of appreciation for Tenzing Norgay after he and Sir Edmund Hillary climbed the Everest in 1953. It has a very much supplied exhibition hall with mountaineering shows and numerous undertaking relics, a life experience school for mountaineering understudies, houses for the mentors, an eatery, a trinket shop and that’s just the beginning. HMI is situated on Jawahar Road or the Birch Hill that can be gotten to from the Mall Road and Lebong Cart Road. One can really stroll down Mall street and then Jawahar street to achieve HMI.

The Zoo is situated in the same premises where HMI is and consequently ought to be secured in the meantime. The special element of this zoo is, it houses creatures of high elevation and generally from upper Himalayas. You can see some uncommon creatures here like Red Pandas, Snow Leopards, Tibetan Wolf and part more.

(2) Tiger Hill in darjeeling

tiger hill darjeeling
tiger hill darjeeling

Situated at the most noteworthy point in Darjeeling zone, Tiger Hill is best known for the amazing dawn perspective of the Kanchenjunga and the snow secured crests of the whole eastern Himalayan reach. On a sunny morning you can even see the mount Everest from here. Tiger Hill is found 11km from the Darjeeling Town and takes around 40 minutes to reach via auto.

(3) Batasia Loop in darjeeling

Batasia Loop
Batasia Loop

Found 5km from Darjeeling Town and just beneath Ghoom, Batasia Loop as the name recommends, is a circle or a winding of a limited gage railroad track where the Toy Train arranges a sudden sharp drop from Ghoom. It’s an awesome survey place with manicured gardens, streams and falls, from where you can get a wide range perspective of the Darjeeling’s scene, Kanchenjunga and the other Eastern Himalayan tops.

(4) Darjeeling Ropeway


This is one way you can be a piece of extraordinary assorted offerings from the nature and all in one spot. From the ropeway of Darjeeling which is otherwise called the Rangeet Valley Passenger Cable Car, you can have mind blowing perspective of the valley beneath, see the spread of lavish tea gardens, thick woodlands, mountain streams in their full stream, waterfalls, and the great snow tops at the foundation. Get off at a lower station and appreciate the tea domains, stroll through the tea gardens, or simply unwind and appreciate the perspective around. It’s elusive all these together in one spot.

(5) Darjeeling Mall (Chowrasta)

Darjeeling-The Mall and the Chowrasta-1

The Chowrasta or the Mall is the town focus in Darjeeling. This is a stunning minimal level territory, an open square where four streets meet. This open spot is the place you might want to relax and prepare in the sun, sit and watch the great perspectives of the mountain range and see numerous local people and visitors staying nearby. One side of the shopping center is lined with pine trees through which you get magnificent mountain vistas, the other side is lined with beautiful boutique shops of various types. And all around the shopping center, you have seats to sit and unwind.

(6) Rock Garden and Ganga Maya Park


These two are grand parks in magnificent settings found a couple of miles far from the Darjeeling town. Rock greenery enclosure is around 10km and Ganga Maya is another 3km from that point. Rock Garden is about terraced gardens at various levels that have been sliced through the stones having a waterfalls with decent seating courses of action. Ganga Maya is more spread out and has a wonderful stream moving through it on a valley, has bloom patio nurseries, wellsprings and then some.

(7) Japanese Temple and Peace Pagoda in darjeeling

japanese temple

Around 10 minutes via auto, you will achieve a magnificent territory that is typical of peace and peacefulness. Situated in the Jalapahar slope, the Japanese Temple is implicit customary Japanese style where you can join the supplications and feel the profound peace amongst murmuring and serenades. Near it is the Peace Pagoda where there are four vast symbols of Lord Buddha. The perspective from the top is heavenly. You can see the snow top reach from here including the Kanchenjunga.

(8) Bengal Natural History Museum


What began as a humble exertion in 1903 to show butterflies and winged animals of the Darjeeling area, has developed to house a huge accumulations of warm blooded creatures, fowls and homes with eggs, reptiles and angles and even bugs of wide assortments. The showcases are really examples of genuine animals that had been caught, stuffed and protected. The Bengal Natural History Museum can be come to by couple of minutes stroll from the Chowrasta Mall.

(9) Observatory Hill and Mahakal Temple in darjeeling

observatory hill darjeeling
observatory hill darjeeling

Ascending from behind the Mall, Observatory Hill is a perfect spot to get a 360 degree perspective of Darjeeling and the tops encompassing it. The Mahakal Temple, the focal sanctuary of Darjeeling of all beliefs is situated on top of the slope where the first Dorjeling Buddhist Monastery once stood.

(10) Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center

Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center
Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center

This inside was set up on October second, 1959 for restoration of Tibetans who took after Dalai Lama and got away from their country amid the time of commotion. With a specific end goal to maintain living, they received the guideline of self improvement. The middle is situated on a slope top that can be drawn closer from the Lebong Cart Road. You can see Tibetan men and ladies making choice hand created things like woolen rugs, shawls, cut wooden specialties, calfskin things and the sky is the limit from there. There is an outlet at the middle from where you can purchase these things.

Other Great Tourist Places in Darjeeling

Truly, there are numerous other vacation destinations and sights in Darjeeling that similarly contend to be in our rundown of main 10. Look at the connections underneath to think about a greater amount of our undisputed top choices. I have assembled them under various heads.

Darjeeling Monasteries, Temples and Churches

After Hinduism, Buddhism is the following dominating religion in Darjeeling, and after that comes Christianity which is polished by a minority group. We have had the chance to get profound bits of knowledge into the lives of a few lamas, clerics and ministers here. For us it has dependably been a benefit to comprehend and feel the perfect otherworldly existence of the spot through the individuals who have devoted their lives to such bring about. You have to visit a religious community, a sanctuary or a congregation, listen to the leader of the holy place, join the petitions and retain the deep sense of being to get that vibe.

A few religious sanctuaries in Darjeeling have been worked by awesome religious pioneers of the past, and some are roosted on slopes with wonderful perspectives all around. This segment will tell you about all our most loved cloisters, sanctuaries and places of worship in Darjeeling, their history, offerings, area and parcel more.

Darjeeling Parks and Gardens

Here is your fortune for the best of greenery enclosures and parks in Darjeeling. The segment additionally catches my top picks amongst lakes and water ranges, backwoods and asylums and even juncture or meeting purposes of incredible waterways of Darjeeling slope territory.

Exhibition halls, Monuments and Memorials

In the event that you jump at the chance to stay profound into the historical backdrop of Darjeeling, comprehend creature and winged animal existence of the locale, know who had relinquished their lives from this a player on the planet, and other one of a kind ways Darjeeling has assumed its part on the planet like its amazing mountaineering accomplishments, then visit a portion of the colossal exhibition halls and dedications. They clearly catch the life and history of Darjeeling and its special vegetation and fauna. You will be drenched with the rich legacy of the spot.

Darjeeling Art and Craft

Darjeeling has its own particular fortune of fine art and artisans. There are surely understood craftsmen who have their own particular studios, displays and workmanship production lines. What’s more, there are numerous talented neighborhood artisans and stone carvers whose wo

River Rafting in River Teesta, Darjeeling

river rafting in teesta

Darjeeling known as the Queen of Hills, Darjeeling is getting progressively well known for a few water games and one that leads is White Water Rafting. Waterway Teesta and Rangeet spout down the mountains of Darjeeling and make frothing white water and extends with differing rapids that are astounding for rafting for both tenderfoots and prepared rafters.

Stream Teesta starts from Tso Lhamo lake in North Sikkim at an elevation of more than 5,330 meters, while Rangeet begins from an ice sheet of Mount Kabru in the lower Kanchenjunga district. Both at last meet at a spot which is near Teesta Bazar. This meeting point is known as Triveni. Look at Teesta and Rangeet Confluence to know more about the meeting point. While rafting additionally happens at Triveni, the most mainstream spot for rafting is on waterway Teesta is Melli.

On the off chance that you take a gander at the photo, you will see a delta at the edge of the conjunction framed by sand. This is from where the rafting is dispatched in Triveni. This sandy shoreline is a well known campground for the rafters. Numerous travelers really consolidate rafting with outdoors. The valley and the scene around the streams make an astonishing scene. From the meeting point at Triveni, Teesta streams down south and meets the fields at Sivoke, where the Coronation Bridge associates north-eastern states with rest of the nation.

Conversion of River Rangeet and Teesta (Triveni)

As you flatboat down Teesta, the entrancing perspective of the thick backwoods along the slant of the mountains, the vegetation, the a wide range of feathered creatures, angles on the water, consolidated with the energy of rafting through the downpours and frothing waters make a remarkable ordeal. There are little towns on both sides of the waterway. You can in this way see numerous developed grounds. Generally speaking an awesoeme feeling.

White Water Rafting on Teesta, Darjeeling

Rafting in Teesta, Darjeeling

White Water Rafting in Teesta has been presented by DGHC (Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, now GTA) in 1991 and has been reliably picking up fame from that point forward. It’s fun and energizing. In rafting, there are 6 evaluations or levels of trouble contingent upon the rapids or the ebb and flow in the waterway. Grade-1 (with level quiet water) is the most effortless.

Because of arrangement of rapids and fluctuating power of stream, most piece of Teesta where rafting is done has been evaluated in a size of 2 to 4. Grade-2 would have little exciting ride rapids however simple to arrange, Grade-3 requires a prepared aide and some specialized capacity, while Grade-4 would have some genuine and huge rapids, and ought to be endeavored just via prepared rafters. The Rangeet stream then again has more turbulence contrasted with Teesta. Its multi dimensional rapids can be extremely testing now and again. Both these waterways are encouraged by dissolving snow in the late spring months and downpour water in the rainstorm. They are enduring streams.

Rafting Camping at Teesta

While numerous sightseers and learners go down to Teesta Bazaar, take guidelines from the aides and set out for the sake of entertainment white water rafting, it helps in the event that one has some related knowledge of waterway rafting, kayaking or sculling. However at Teesta, there are procurements and courses reserved for both swimmers and non-swimmers.

The Popular Rafting Courses in Teesta

Most well known spot in Darjeeling where most sightseers go for white water rafting is Teesta Bazaar. Rafting begins at Tarkhola and the famous rafting course goes up to Kalijhora.

It takes around 1.5 hours by taxi or shared jeep to reach Teesta Bazaar from Darjeeling town. Here are the most mainstream courses for rafting:

For non-swimmers:

1) Melli to 29th Mile (1.5 hours)

2) Melli to Kalijhora (3 hours)

For swimmers as it were:

1) Tarkhola to Melli (2 hours)

2) Tarkhola to 29 Mile (3 hours)

There are longer areas too. For instance Bordang to 29th Mile takes around 4.5 hours and includes grade 2-4 rapids.

Best time for rafting in Teesta

You ought to keep away from the rainstorm (July to September). Every single other month are useful for rafting. The best time for rafting in Teesta (Darjeeling) is between December to June. Be that as it may, note that amid winter, water can be super cold.

Some vital focuses to note

One needs to sign ‘Supposition of Risk and Release’ bond before undertaking the rafting trip.

Remote vacationers require to convey their international ID which should be appeared while marking the bond furthermore while crossing the Teesta Bridge.

You ought to wear shorts and convey additional pair of shoes/tennis shoes, sun screen moisturizer, water bottle, an extra arrangement of dry garments and so on.

In the event that you have heart issues, epilepsy and so on, it is fitting not to embrace the excursion.

You should not drink liquor no less than 6 hours before the excursion.

Before going to river rafting you should Keep in Mind these 5 things

Rafting is presumably a standout amongst the most energizing experience exercises to enjoy. One doesn’t oblige skill to attempt this exciting watersport; be that as it may, taking a couple measures can make the experience much more significant. We as a whole realize that rafting is an exciting game and it involves a couple of components of danger, in this way with a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from any risks or mischief it is imperative to remember a couple of things while going for rafting. The underneath said 5 essential tips will guarantee that you have the best rafting knowledge ever!

Continuously Listen to Your Instructor


rafting instructor

image credit: www.outsideonline.com

Your teacher is your help, so it is astute to hear him out. He knows precisely what you ought to do and when to do it also. Basic things you will hear amid your flatboat will be: forward, quick forward, incline left/right, sit in/out and my most loved summon RELAX!

Life Jacket is Your Friend



image credit: www.alaknandariverrafting.in

Rafting is most likely one of the best enterprise exercises that one can take up. Whether you are a learner or a veteran, the rush of rafting never shows signs of change. Albeit going rafting surprisingly can be nerve-destroying, rest guaranteed that your life coat won’t disappoint you. A decent quality life coat can deal with around 110-150kgs of weight, which implies regardless of the fact that you fall in the water, your life coat will help you stay above water.

Drift Feet Forward


image credit: www.alaknandariverrafting.in

In spite of the fact that the odds of falling into the water are negligible (on the off chance that you are rafting in poor quality rapids), still for reasons unknown on the off chance that you fall, you ought to attempt to hop once again into the pontoon; if not then buoy with your feet forward. The trap is to buoy comfortable “top” of the water: this can help you abstain from getting stuck between rocks or notwithstanding harming yourself. Additionally, stream with the momentum and never endeavor remaining in the waterway.

Pick Right River rafting  Clothes


image credit : Jesse Lynch

Since you will spend extended periods in the waters, it is likely that you will feel chilly regardless of the possibility that the climate is hot. The best thing to do is to purchase garments that can get dry effectively. Materials like polyester and capilene can “wick” away the dampness and keep your skin dry and warm.

Wear the Sunscreen

image credit: www.zarrazalamispa.com

The extended periods of staying in water and sun can abandon you with significant tanning. Yes, we comprehend enterprise is above everything except for you beyond any doubt would prefer not to return home resembling a bronze statue! In addition, the sunburns that you get from rafting takes quite a while to go, which is certainly not something worth being thankful for. Along these lines, it is a smart thought to apply a decent measure of waterproof sunscreen with most extreme SPF on the uncovered zones

Main 6 Paragliding Destinations in India

Need to fly like a free winged creature and take off high up in the sky? At that point paragliding is the thing that you should encounter. This enterprise games is gradually turning out to be exceptionally normal in India however its starting point can be followed back to 1940s. On the off chance that you need to encounter the same in India, then you are at the ideal spot. Here we have enrolled the best paragliding destinations in India.

This game was presented in India in 1991-92, when some outside going to pilots chose to investigate flying potential outcomes in the Kullu Valley. The game with its self-publicizing nature soon enchanted the Valley experience mates, who had till then been included in skiing, trekking and shake climbing.

1. Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh

Paragliding in Bir Billing

Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh

Situated in the Kangra Valley, Billing is one place that you certainly ought to visit for the best paragliding in India. The voyage goes on for around 30 minutes and the timings are from March and until June. Bir has an elevation of 2600m and is yet somewhere else that you can visit in the event that you are coming to Dharamsala or Manali.

2. Sikkim, India

Paragliding in Sikkim


Sikkim is a little state situated in upper east India and a celebrated vacation destination. Encounter pair flights here with GETSETGOONLINE. Sikkim is gradually developing as a paragliding destination in India and it is gone to by experience seekers from the whole way across the world. It is the home to fabulous dispatching edges and locales and a spot you definitely should visit in the event that you need to have the best paragliding knowledge in the nation.

3. Kunjapuri in Uttarakhand

Paragliding in Kunjapuri

Paragliding in Kunjapuri


This is yet somewhere else that you can visit for encountering India paragliding. The lovely dawn and nightfall perspectives are things you most likely can’t miss here. Situated amongst the Shiwaliks, you get the astonishing perspectives of Gangotri, Banderpunch and numerous different crests as you ascend in the sky.

4. Pavana in Maharashtra

Paragliding in Pavana Maharastra

Paragliding in Pavana Maharastra

Situated in Maharashtra, this is likely the main paragliding spot in western India. The perspective that you see from the top is amazingly lovely containing the Pavana Lake, age-old strongholds and numerous additionally fascinating spots.

5. Nandi Hills in Bangalore

Paragliding in Nandi Hills

Paragliding in Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is one of the prime areas for Paragliding in India. It is arranged 68 kms from Bangalore, in addition to paragliding is one of the numerous air wears that you can partake in at Nandi slopes. While paragliding here, you can achieve Bangalore’s Hebbal lake by a dazzling runway.

6. Bedni Bugyal in Uttarakhand

Paragliding in Bedni Bugyal


Bedni Bugyal is a Himalayan Alpine knoll, arranged at a height of 3,354 meters in the Chamoli locale of Uttarakhand. This spot offers amazing perspectives of the Himalayan Mountains and is in this manner ideal for the high flyers. You can likewise visit close-by Bedni Kund or lake which is popular for its uncommon Brahma Kamal, the state blossom of Uttarakhand.


Hang-gliding and Paragliding –Try Both and Feel the Difference


image credit: www.keyword-suggestions.com

Hang-gliding and paragliding are two most popular flight sports and favourite outdoor activity for the tourists because both of them provides the opportunity to experience the thrill of flying high in the air with an expert pilot. This tandem flight is has become key attraction in the elevated Himalayan lands of Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and Darjeeling.

Obviously these flight sports that we here about have some basic differences among them like in flight technique, structure, speed etc. Most of the random tourists have very little idea about these differences that define the different excitement of each sport. While some things about hang gliding give it plus points, others work for paragliding to stand with high rank. So here are some differences briefly discussed about those checkpoints that you should consider before choosing one of them as your favourite. And if you want to decide that after experiencing both, who in the earth is stopping you? Go on.


A hang glider consists of a V-shaped fabric aerofoil stretched over a metal frame. The pilot holds onto a bar and his/her body is suspended from a harness below.

A parachute-like canopy and wide in shape, paraglide is more or less different in shape and form. The pilot’s body is attached to it by a harness during flight.

Glider’s Position:

While hang-gliding, the pilot mostly keeps the head ahead holding the rod and lay straight in a cocoon-like harness bag.

During a paraglide flight, the pilot is in a seated position in a chair-like harness.


Both gliding maintain an almost same minimum speed of 25 km/h or 15 km/h, although wind speed plays different role to determine gliding speed.

While it comes to maximum speed hang-gliders comparatively have higher than the other. Go for it if you are seeking to experience high speed flying in the open air.

Paragliding is a matter of lower speed. If you want to enjoy soaring like a open-winged bird in the high blue sky, this sport is just your thing.


You need more strength to perform the techniques of hang gliding than paragliding. The pilot has to move and change direction of the glider by shifting the body weight, as the body is strapped into the craft. If your core strength is not enough, it might be tiring in longer flight, although not a big deal in shorter ones.

In terms of physical demand, it is easier to control the paraglide than to get wrangled to a hang glider. The pilot has to change the pitch and direction by changing the wing’s shape to interact with the wind and by gently pulling the cords that are connecting the body to the canopy.


While flying in a hang-glider, you will get better visibility of the landscape below.

A greater view of the scenery ahead of you is offered in a paraglide flight.


Hang-glider can be manually turned left and right as well as climb up or dive down.

Paraglide mostly cannot be taken up and down manually. But you easily turn it left and right.


When you are landing hang-glide, you have to be very careful about the technique. A little mistake can result into serious injury.

On the other hand, landing a paraglide is much easier. You just have to step on the ground on time.


Because of the metal structure, hang-glide not so easy to carry somewhere.

Paraglide lacks that issue. It is easily to transport anywhere or assemble.

Mountain Biking in Sikkim

Mountain Biking


In the event that you like being somewhat go romping for quite a while and carry on with the life to its fullest variant, you better ought to attempt a brave open air sport like mountain biking. In this game you simply need to ride a bike. In any case, the intriguing thing is that the way won’t resemble the standard way you take for cycling. Riders take the all the rough terrain places like slopes, rough landscapes and other uncomfortable unpleasant streets as opposed to smooth bond streets. Obviously, you should be fit for this and must know every one of the strategies and traps to ride in the chose land.

The main thing you will requirement for this is a legitimate bike. The bikes are practically similar to conventional game bicycles however extra components are added to perform well. One thing must be specified that these mountain bicycles are diverse as per structure and execution. In addition, you have to keep extra types of gear in light of the way you have picked and the span your riding will take. You should take water, nourishment –all the significant things just and in particular a cap.

In the event that you are getting ready for such enterprise, come and contact with us in Get Set Go and get authority proposal and complete help about your excursion. You don’t have to stress over all the wild pre-arranging and calendars as we will compose everything for you to finish your happiness sheltered and sound

Mountain Biking in Sikkim

The experience of perilous yet energizing games like mountain biking is a tremendous fascination for voyagers who come to Sikkim to spend some days of unwinding in the touch of nature and to investigate concealed happiness through enterprises. Individuals from all around the globe scramble for an excursion of mountain biking in India and among all the spots giving brilliant administration with respect to this game in this nation, Sikkim is particularly worshiped as a center point for various sort of exercises and there are a few foundations or associations giving chances to appreciate every one of those exercises without limitations. So without a doubt a spot like Sikkim, where mountain and slopes are prime part scene, a rough terrain ride on go through the uneven slopes, wildernesses and water bodies works like a magnet for the persons fixated on misusing new excites each day.

Biking through Exquisite Places of Sikkim

There are a various courses for mountain biking in Sikkim all through the entire state. A standout amongst the most loved course begins from Gangtok to Rangpo, going through a ton of delightful spots like Rumtek, Sang, Sirwani, Temi, Damthang, Rabong, Kewzing, Tashiding, Yusum, Pelling, Dentam, Rinchenpong, Soreng, Sombaria, Jorthang and Namchi separately. Another popular track is from Gangtok to Temi through Phodong, Rangrang, Dikchu Makha, Sirwani in like manner. You can appreciate this game whenever of the year yet it’s ideal to keep away from the stormy days or blustery season as the street gets to be elusive and hazardous to ride a bike. Not just the delight of riding, you can run over to the superb regular marvels like snow-white monster mountains, dark green woodlands, tough streams and so forth while cycling in the mountains and slopes of Sikkim.

These Paragliding Destinations in India Attracts the Travellers like Magnet

Paragliding is a flight sport that is one of the most adventurous and thrilling outdoor activities. The flight in the open, fresh air makes you feel like a bird flying high in the sky. On the other hand, it is one of the most dangerous outdoor sports too. Great passion and proper training is required to fly at this height up in the sky. There are numerous places in the whole world where you can enjoy the ride and also have proper training about how to maintain all the tricks for paragliding.


Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh


Bir-Billing is very popular paragliding spot with launching destination at 2400 m height on Dhauladhar Ranges in Himachal Pradesh. The village of Bir Billing is used as the landing ground. The outstanding view of Dhauladhar hills and Kangra Valley and the green meadow haunts the champion paraglide pilots from the whole world.


Gangtok in Sikkim


Gangtok in Sikkim is one of the best paragliding destinations in the world. The stunning snow mountain peaks of Himalayan range, the greenery of dense forests and the small hamlets makes this place worthwhile to watch while flying like a bird. The best thing for tourists here is that they will get a Tandem Flight where a skilled pilot will give you company.


Pavana in Maharashtra


On a trip to Maharashtra nobody should forget to have a ride from Pavana on Pavan Dam in the Kamsheet region. The breathtaking flying over the Indrayani and Pavana rivers, watching rising sun in the horizon create attraction among tourists.


Nandi Hills in Bangalore, Karnataka


The high hill area and several flat lands around the hills makes this place in Bangalore a perfect place as a paragliding zone. Besides, the ideal mountain terrain makes the place favourite to the riders. Flying at about 4000 ft above sea level must be a delightful experience for them.


Bedni Bugyal in Uttarakhand


While flying up freely in the air one can enjoy the panoramic view of Kumaon region through paragliding in Bedni Bugyal of Uttarakhand. The exquisite view of green lands, the high mountains and hills make this place suitable for this kind of sport.


Yelagiri in Tamilnadu


Surrounded by grand mountains, used as a launch site, Yelagiri in Tamilnadu is an exact place for the adventurous sports like paragliding. The enthusiast people get both the options of solo and tandem riding. The scenic view over the hills is way beyond any explanation.


Ghayabari Tea Garden in Kurseong, West Bengal


If you are visiting Kurseong of West Bengal, you must not miss the paragliding ride in the Ghayabari Tea Garden. When you are soar in the air and look down, your eyes will be smoothen with the site of vast laid tea-gardens and the localities in hill-top areas.


Arambol Beach in Goa


A flight over the Arab Sea while riding paraglide is one of the most favourite things to do in Goa. The hill area beside the Arambol Beach is used as a launch area and the beach itself serves as an area for landing.


Paragliding experts who are passionate about this kind of sports or the tourists and travellers rush from all around the world to these places, offering plenty of magnetic landscape view of hills and mountains, water bodies, plateaus, flat lands, valleys, vast grasslands –every kind of landforms. And seeing those adorable scenes from up in the sky while floating in the air are a lifetime opportunity.

Most Popular Trekking Routes of Nepal among All Kind of Tourists

A country having more than 250 mountain peaks over 6096 m above sea level is definitely a haunting location for the travel mongers and adventure lovers. Which trekker wouldn’t want to observe the world’s highest mountain peak Mt Everest, situated on the border of Nepal and Tibet? Not only Everest, there are lots more peaks of Himalayan region in Nepal that ranks among the highest ones in the whole world. Along with the snow-clad mountains, Nepal contains lower hills, wide land of green dense jungle, Himalayan rivers and their valleys. No doubt, mountaineers and trekkers find this landlocked country of South Asia as an El Dorado in real world.


image credit: wallpaperwidehd.blogspot.com

It will be unfair to list down some of the hundreds of trekking routes in Nepal as every single one of them brings an experience of something different, something that cannot be found in other routes, although all of them offer excellent view of pleasing scenery. But it is not possible to write down about all of them, because that will result in more or less a size of a travel book. The mentioned trekking trails of Nepal here are based on popularity and different region and type. But if you think you like any other routes of trekking in Nepal, please mention that in comments to let others know about them.


Trekking in Everest Region

Climbers prepare to leave Everest base camp in the middle of the night to summit Everest

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It is a pinnacle to reach the summit of highest mountain of the world, which is known as the Everest Base Camp. Along with that route, the eastern half of Nepal or the Everest region offers a lot of other trekking routes including trek to Gokyo Lake, Gokyo-Kalapathar trekking, classic and long classic Everest trekking etc. These routes take more than a week to almost a month of time to finish and most of them are opened during September to May. Trekking are done highest upto 5545 m altitude in this area. The route to Everest Base Camp is more developed, but if you want some semi-wild routes, Nepal has that too for you. Every visitor here has an opportunity to pick a trekking trip by choice.

Trekkers stand on the summit of Goyko Ri in the Khumbu region of Nepal looking towards Everest at sunset

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Mountain peaks, glacier lakes, local flora and fauna, rhododendron forest, traditional villages and ancient monasteries are the purpose the trekkers from all around the world visit here. And you will even experience the ethnic groups that this region shelters, i. e., the Sherpas in the upper range and Rai, Brahmin, Tamang, Chetri farmers in lower ranges. All these natural and human things make this region beautiful in the true sense of the term.

Trekking in Annapurna Region


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The Annapurna range and its region dominate on the middle of Nepal. Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp is a marvellous opportunity to experience nature’s bliss upon earth. But do not keep the idea that the other ones are less in providing spectacular scenery. Trekking in Annapurna circuit, Jomsom/Muktinath, Tilicho Lake, Ghandruk, Mustang etc are ready to woo you with awesomeness. The highest trek camp here is at 5416 m above sea level and the trekking trips take more than a week to almost a month’s duration to complete. The trails are opened mostly from October to May or September to May, while some are opened during April to November.


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The stunning horizons and snowy hills are so fascinating and the beauty is so unparallel that it even reflects in the lives of people living in and around the area. Hindu farmers to Tibetan Lamas –many ethnic groups and their culture are some of the key attractions about this area. Any kind of trekking here is an unforgettable event of lifetime. Annapurna region holds most popular trekking routes at Nepal. And not to forget, the Annapurna Conservation Area is the most geographically and culturally protected area.


Trekking in Langtang Region


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Among all the trek routes in Nepal, this area contains some best trek routes for tourists with least efforts. To the north of Kathmandu, Langtang valley shares border with Tibet. The valleys run north and south offering the greatest diversity of possible trekking trails. The trips here are destined to the areas of Langtang valley, Langtang-Gosainkund, Ganesh Himal, Ganja La Pass and other such exotic locations. Bu the highest altitude of these treks are much lower than above two, upto 5200 m., which take the duration of a week to around 15 days. The months of October to May and September to May are available to have a trekking trip in Langtang region.

A woman trekking in the Langtang valley in Nepal stands on the top of Kyanjin Ri and looks out towards Ganchempo in the in the distance

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One can encounter the Tamang people here and they carry a flavour of Tibet in the religious practice they follow, language they speak and the dress they wear. It is so clear that they seem to be more like Tibetan people and the other ones of Nepal. Besides, you are going to witness the most versatile form of flora and fauna of a place in this area under Himalayan range of Nepal. In the year of 1971, the area was declared as the first Himalayan National Park of Nepal.

This Summer Enjoy The River Rafting In Darjeeling and Sikkim

River Rafting in Darjeeling


Darjeeling is typically popular as a slope station and for delivering the best noticing tea on the planet. In any case, now-a-days the notoriety is getting higher as a result of a few open doors for water sports like white water waterway rafting, river rafting darjeeling,white  darjeeling river rafting  . The fast waterways like Teesta and Rangeet stream downwards with power and in this manner make frothing white water. That sort of surge in water is ideal for stream rafting. Both the amateurs and prepared rafters come to Darjeeling to have amazing minutes while taking an interest in a white water rafting in Darjeeling or river rafting in darjeeling. On the off chance that you are making arrangement for bold visits in the North-east India, keep in mind to include Darjeeling waterway rafting in the calendar. The intersection of Teesta and Rangeet, called as Triveni, structures a delta in the corner which is a reasonable campground for rafting dispatch.

Rafting in Darjeeling – Place, Time and Courses

In spite of the fact that Triveni is a spot where the rafting program happens, the most loved region for waterway rafting in Teesta is Melli. Teesta Bazar is a most loved spot for visitors to ride a pontoon in white water of Darjeeling. Distinctive courses for waterway rafting are accessible at Darjeeling for members relying upon their capacity in swimming. Non-swimmers can go to the courses either from Melli to 29th Mile, for the term of 1.5 hours or from Melli to Kalijhora, for 3 hours. No one but swimmers can take part in the courses from Tarkhola to Melli for 2 hours and Tarkhola to 29th Mile for 3 hours. While you are getting ready for rafting white water in Darjeeling, you ought to maintain a strategic distance from the season of July to September as Teesta takes a brutal structure amid rainstorm, generally whatever remains of the year, particularly from December to June, is proper for having a pontoon ride in the streams of Darjeeling.

River Rafting in Sikkim


Sikkim, the place where there is disparate is an often gone to visitor spot for a few reasons. The assortment in everything including dialect, religion, society, nourishment, exercises, sports, scene and so forth frequents individuals from everywhere throughout the world. So it is extremely common that in the tremendous field of such dissimilarity Sikkim offers diverse sort of enterprise games as well and among them white water rafting in Sikkim is particularly prominent to the experience monstrosities or the general voyagers to have a few snippets of rush and fervor. Like in Darjeeling, Teesta and Rangeet are immaculate water bodies for rafting in white waters of Sikkim as well. The frothing water in turbulent Teesta gives a fitting chance to this sort of testing water sports in Sikkim. It is safe to say that you are making arrangement to have a bold trek in and around North-east India? Put the alternative of  Teesta River rafting in Sikkim or Rafting in River Teesta on the must schedule.

Rafting in Sikkim –Routes, Time and Courses

Generally the courses for Sikkim stream rafting contains the spots like Makha, Sirwani, Bardang, Rongpo while rafting in waterway Teesta, and Sikip, jorethang, Majitar, Melli for a rafting trip in stream Rangeet. The storm time ought to be maintained a strategic distance from for such sort of water games as Teesta keeps running in full-outfit this time. Winter keeps the mountain stream quiet making the span of December to June as the most reasonable time for riding pontoon in the white water of Sikkim. A few tourist spots in Sikkim offers great excursions for waterway rafting and the cost is additionally sensible. Alongside the sentiment energy and chill in the spine, you can encounter and investigate the shrouded excellence of the green timberlands, powerful snow-clad mountains thus on while you are on a riding a pontoon in the Teesta.