Undoubtedly paragliding is one of the most dangerous flight sports among all. Soaring in the air high in the sky just using a para glide aircraft feels to be like a bird. The glider is quite lightweight and launched by foot. It looks like a parachute like fabric-wing. The best part of interest is that it doesn’t include any motor, it’s just the technological designing of the para glide and the air that can help you cover miles in the sky.

The launching is done from a high land or hill-top by running fast towards the cliff with the para-glide which is then driven by the wind. A vast field or grassland is used as a landing ground. You body will be tied with harness to the para glide. There are lots of techniques that you need to know about paragliding otherwise this thrilling and amazing sport can take deadly turn. Or you can have help of a tandem flight where you will be accompanied by an expert pilot. Your bodily fitness is very much important too.

Flying over the sandy vast beaches, wide range of hills or green lands, blue limitless sea to the horizon generally brings a charming and spellbound feeling. And this feeling can be increased with the help of Get Set Go. We will arrange the best flying experience for you that you cannot ever forget.